Pool Build: Part 1

Photo journal of pool build. 

Initial pool layout, setting precise measurements and elevations. 

Initial pool layout, setting precise measurements and elevations. 

Excavation followed by Pool equipment: Trenching for water and electrical lines, new cement pad for equipment. Securing foundation with underpinning. Establishing pool and stair form and structural integrity with rebar. 

Wall finishing prepping for plaster coping, pool cover and patio. 

Crew Coordination: Part 1

Arroyo Seco Construction employs skilled craftsmen in multiple disciplines, capable of carrying out every stage of the construction process. A major strength to this diversity of work force is that multiple stages of a project can be worked on at the same time. With different work crews all under the same company and coordinating together, project are able to complete more efficiently.

In a current renovation project tile masons and carpenters work together completing details on a washroom.

Heating Things Up: Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Arroyo Seco Construction designs and constructs the highest quality fire pits and fireplaces that will complete your outdoor entertaining area. While adding greater functionality to a space by providing cozy warmth, an outdoor fire feature can become the focal point and the glowing star of your landscape. 

Fireplaces create an intimate gathering space, making a perfect area to congregate to on Santa Barbara’s cool evenings. 

Fire Pits create a great gathering space for a larger group of people, by distributing heat in all directions your guests can gather together around and enjoy radiant heat.

A Years’ Review

In 2015 Arroyo Seco Construction had the pleasure of working with amazing clients and on exciting projects that kept us immersed in the work we are passionate about.

Construction, Renovations, Remodels, Landscaping, Hardscaping, Metal Work and Masonry rounded out a year of rewarding projects. 


Store front and interior renovation with construction of new balcony and wheelchair access ramp. Home remodel with full interior and exterior gutting and refurbishing.  


New Pools, Fountains and fitness areas were developed along with brand new landscapes and garden features. Landscapes were designed recognition of our climate conditions reaching our low water goals, while achieving the sensation of lush and texturally interesting plantings. 

Metal Work / Masonry

Our master masons and metal workers produced magnificent works of art, fulfilling both their needed form and function while creating exquisite focal pieces. 

We at Arroyo Seco Construction wish everyone an exceptional holiday and fantastic new year!

Cement: Color, Texturization and Pattern Making Through Stains

We recently had the opportunity to re-make a patio and entertaining area featuring steps and fire pit. This patio connected the main house to the pool house both of which had different color and texture process done to the walkways. In order to best match these two areas’ walkways we applied a pattern to the newly poured patio and implemented a staining technique to seamlessly bring the areas together.

Staining concrete can be a more economical way to achieve the look and design of your, patio, walkways, floors and driveways. Stains can be applied with stencils for complex designs or mimic tile patterns. Depending on the type of stain, you can achieve a solid color or a mixture of subtle more organic hues. Because the Stains penetrate into the concrete and sealers are placed on top they are long lasting, durable and won’t fade overtime.

Working with Subcontractors

Arroyo Seco Construction has developed long standing relationships with several trusted and reliable subcontractors over the years. While we employ several skilled laborers capable of handling a wide range of jobs, there will be some circumstances in which teaming up with other contractors is most beneficial to our clients and to quality of workmanship. By coordinating with subcontractors for specific jobs Arroyo Seco Construction can ensure that the proper equipment safety, and skilled craftsman are working on site to give our clients the best results


Recently we had the opportunity to work with big red crane company in a project that entailed the relocation of two sheds into new locations. By working with the skilled men of Big Red Crane Company both sheds were safely lifted onto our truck bed and transported to their new location, where they were once again lifted and placed into their new location.