Heating Things Up: Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Arroyo Seco Construction designs and constructs the highest quality fire pits and fireplaces that will complete your outdoor entertaining area. While adding greater functionality to a space by providing cozy warmth, an outdoor fire feature can become the focal point and the glowing star of your landscape. 

Fireplaces create an intimate gathering space, making a perfect area to congregate to on Santa Barbara’s cool evenings. 

Fire Pits create a great gathering space for a larger group of people, by distributing heat in all directions your guests can gather together around and enjoy radiant heat.

A Years’ Review

In 2015 Arroyo Seco Construction had the pleasure of working with amazing clients and on exciting projects that kept us immersed in the work we are passionate about.

Construction, Renovations, Remodels, Landscaping, Hardscaping, Metal Work and Masonry rounded out a year of rewarding projects. 


Store front and interior renovation with construction of new balcony and wheelchair access ramp. Home remodel with full interior and exterior gutting and refurbishing.  


New Pools, Fountains and fitness areas were developed along with brand new landscapes and garden features. Landscapes were designed recognition of our climate conditions reaching our low water goals, while achieving the sensation of lush and texturally interesting plantings. 

Metal Work / Masonry

Our master masons and metal workers produced magnificent works of art, fulfilling both their needed form and function while creating exquisite focal pieces. 

We at Arroyo Seco Construction wish everyone an exceptional holiday and fantastic new year!

Pergolas: Architectural elements that define space without restricting

In the garden landscape the pergola fills several roles beyond creation of shade. They often can provide an articulated sense of order between two spaces; used as a means to lead from one area to another, to define the beginning, end or to highlight a particular garden feature. 

In designing Pergolas the form and materials will work with the existing architectural features to create harmony within the landscape. The dominate and pleasing horizontal and perpendicular lines of the structure work with the overall style and aesthetic within the garden to enhance the space.  

Arroyo Seco Construction’s design team, through the design build process can generate multiple visual variations to ensure our highest design principles are maintained while providing clients flexibility throughout the process.