Design Build

Pool Build: Part 2

Photo journal of pool build. 

Planing and review on site  meeting. 

Finishing hardscape features and landscape design/restoration.  

A Years’ Review

In 2015 Arroyo Seco Construction had the pleasure of working with amazing clients and on exciting projects that kept us immersed in the work we are passionate about.

Construction, Renovations, Remodels, Landscaping, Hardscaping, Metal Work and Masonry rounded out a year of rewarding projects. 


Store front and interior renovation with construction of new balcony and wheelchair access ramp. Home remodel with full interior and exterior gutting and refurbishing.  


New Pools, Fountains and fitness areas were developed along with brand new landscapes and garden features. Landscapes were designed recognition of our climate conditions reaching our low water goals, while achieving the sensation of lush and texturally interesting plantings. 

Metal Work / Masonry

Our master masons and metal workers produced magnificent works of art, fulfilling both their needed form and function while creating exquisite focal pieces. 

We at Arroyo Seco Construction wish everyone an exceptional holiday and fantastic new year!

Rendered Concept Design with Finished Project

In our Design Build Process we strive to provide our clients detailed concept imagery 

Rendering of house remodel project  by Gil Diccio

Newly finished landscaping has just begun filling in with completed remodel (interior and exterior) in the background.  

Render of a shallow fountain and pond, highlighting the intricate tile design.  Design incorporated small planter boxes around the fountain allowing for plants to be incorporated near to the water’s edge.

Completed fountain project planted with succulents