Permeable Pathways

Permeable Pathways allow water to pass through to the ground opposed to being redirected to storm drains and off site. The use of permeable pathways is gaining in popularity as an innovative method to manage water runoff and to save water. Permeable pathways come in multiple designs, materials and sizes and can be used for small walkways to large driveways and patios. 

Cement Pavers offer great stability and durability while allowing water to flow between the crevasses. 

Crushed Stone/Gravel can often be an inexpensive option that looks great when edged with larger stones. 

Stone: Flagstone Slate create large areas for easy stepping while natural edges provide ample space for permeable filler including plants and small pebbles. 

Dry-laid pavers create wonderful meandering pathways throughout the landscape and ample opportunity for water to penetrate the ground and not become runoff.